Francesco Salamanca was born at Catania in Sicily in 1955 and is the first of six children.
At thirteen years old, Francesco decided to devote all his extra time to the creation of the typical Sicilian puppets. It will be the puppeteer Emilio Musumeci to welcome him into his laboratory and teach Francesco the techniques of construction, while telling him the stories of the paladins of France.

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In the beginning of the 80's, Francesco left the family business to create its own with his wife Angioletta. The birth of their two sons, Emanuele and Simone, matches with a positive and dynamic phase of their work: Francesco is often part of numerous Craft Fairs through Italy, as well as earning prestigious awards of which the Knight Award Isidoro Platania, recognition for his wonderful and passionate career as a Craftsman Master.
In 2004, thanks to the project of his son Emanuele, he has created a collection of 65 theatre puppets for the cruiseship "Costa Magica" of Costa Cruise. 

Costa crociere collezione pupi siciliani

Since 2010, Francesco has participated to many exhibitions abroad of which: in the U.S.A. at Houston (TX) in 2010 for the Italian Expo, in the United Arab Emirates at Dubai in 2015 in the Eataly shop in the Dubai Mall, and in England at London in 2017 during the SicilyFest. Thanks to his constant commitment to spreading this popular art of the Opera dei Pupi, Francesco is recognized as one of the most skilled puppet masters in the construction of Sicilian puppets.

Dubai Londra pupi siciliani

In this historical moment due to the world health crisis and with the interruption of live social relations, the story and transmission of this popular culture through events and meetings with the public has been interrupted. Simone, son of Francesco, and his wife Stephanie, thanks to their work experience in the field of communication, have decided to support Francesco by continuing this story through the new digital tools, to continue to spread the craftmanship of Francesco and the popular culture of Sicilian puppets. 
For this reason ATELIER SALAMANCA was born, a platform where it is not only possible to view the collections and work processes of Francesco and his Sicilian puppets but also to buy a unique work of excellence if desired in a simple, fast and safe way.

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